Best Educational Toys for Preschoolers

You know that look of joy on their face when they open a gift or package that is perfect for them. We want them to have fun but we’d like it even more if they can learn in the process. Here are the best educational toys for preschoolers. These can keep their minds busy while they have fun and give them something different to do.

Great learning toys encourage early reading skills, numbers and counting, solving puzzles, and creative thinking.


First off, Squigz is a great fun toy that adds touch and sound to the play experience. Brought to you by Fat Brain Toys, they are made of 100% silicone (BPA and latex-free). It’s a building toy but different than most. Encourages creativity, fine motor skills, interaction, and playful experimentation. Eight different, versatile shapes in the package.  The reviews are stellar. Kids love this toy. Pictured below.


Next up is Inchimals, an animal-based mathematical adventure! This toy is brilliant, designed for ages 3 and up. Kids can start learning addition, subtraction, measurement with the one-inch markers on each animal, expand vocabulary, and just have fun with the beautifully painted animals. 12 animals from 1 inch up to 12 inches. Write on-wipe off puzzle book features 100 puzzles included with an erasable pen. The reviews are really good too. Pictured below.

Ladybug’s Garden Memory Game

This is an adorable memory game. Beautiful wooden ladybugs hide images on game board. Comes with 5 double-sided puzzle cards. Easy for small hands to maneuver. This game encourages fine motor skills, memory skills, and friendly competition. Very high quality. Comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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Homer Learn to Read

This is a great program for preschoolers. It’s not really a toy but the kids won’t know that. It is personalized to the child’s interests and teaches letters and reading skills for ages 2-8. And it’s surprisingly affordable. Homer has earned a few Teacher’s Choice Awards, Mom’s Choice Award, and others. The first 30 days are free and you can add up to 4 children. What a great gift that keeps on giving.


Green Kid Craft Kits

Green Kid Crafts has kits and subscriptions for all ages. There are many for preschoolers for those doing preschool at home. I love the science kits which get them involved in creating while learning. Monthly subscriptions are available or individual kits.

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The Preschool Box

This is a monthly preschool box with books and activities. Back when one of my kids was 3, we did a monthly preschool program. It was fun for both of us! They really look forward to the new box each month, and so will you.

Creative Canopy

While they’re busy learning, here’s a nice little nook for them to get some quiet time for reading, building or playing.

Creative Canopy

Creative Canopy

A haven to read, draw, or daydream in!

  • COZY: Canopy create inviting space for children to read and relax. Perfect for classrooms, libraries, bedrooms, or playrooms
  • QUIET SPACE: Ideal for creating a quiet space for children to calm down or take a time out
  • EASY TO SET UP: Canopy easily suspends from a beam or ceiling with two 15 inch ties
  • COMPACT STORAGE: Storage and transportation are easy for it. Canopy packs conveniently into the included strong, zippered tote bag
  • DIMENSIONS: Top ring measures 30 inches Dia. and sides are 7’L
PreK-K Core Standards
  • SOC (P) Cooperate with others by interacting appropriately, build friendships and share.
  • RL.K.10. Actively engage in group reading activities with purpose and understanding.

We all want to give them a good start on learning and nurturing their minds. These are some great toys that can do just that. If you have any questions, comments or experience with these toys, or others, please share it in the Comments section below.


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6 thoughts on “Best Educational Toys for Preschoolers”

  1. I loved your article! I remember the feeling of the gifts I received when I was a child, and it is beautiful! And it is amazing when you see the same joy in the eyes of another child! I am honest when I say that I am not a fan of useless toys. I mean, just because you are a child this doesn’t mean that you don’t need something useful and not only cute. So, when I have to make a gift to my little siblings I always look for something that is cute, creative and educational at the same time!

  2. Very well written and easy to follow. I like the game with the lady bugs. Reminds me of a game called concentration when I was little. I also had my wife read it, as she is a grandma, and she said she “almost” wishes she had little grandchildren so she could buy some of those games for them. Well done Paula!!

  3. Thank you so much for this highly informative article, Paula! My twin, 3-year old cousins just ran through here, and these toys would be perfect for them! There is so much mindless “entertainment” available to our children nowadays-from T.V. to videos to songs to games. Education is so important, and I want my little cousins to be on the fast track-learning their ABCs, 123s/math, recognizing colors and shapes, learning how to talk, etc. You have provided an excellent collection of toys for the tiny tots to try out! Great read! God bless you!


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