Best Gifts for Kids Who Love Animals

I went in search of the best gifts for kids who love animals. We all know at least one child who adores animals. Furry, slimy, big, little… they love them all. Or at least the furry, cuddly ones. Whichever animals they love, you’ll find some great gift ideas here.

Starting with the tiny tots and moving up in age, there is something for every age. Plenty of choices for both boys and girls.

Infants and Tiny Tots – 1 month to 3 Years

Flip Fish Baby Toy from Melissa & Doug

Ages: 1 month +

This cuddly fish friend will swim right into kids’ hearts! With bright colors, bold facial features, and washable fabrics that include a variety of patterns and hidden pictures, this crinkling, squeaking, multi-textured soft toy from Melissa & Doug K’s Kids is perfect for encouraging tummy time and fueling storytelling. 

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Flip Fish Baby Toy

First Play Wooden Touch and Feel Puzzle Peek-a-Boo Pets With Mirror

Ages 1 +

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First Play Wooden Touch and Feel Puzzle

Safari Buddies Hand Puppets

Ages 2 +

Kids two and older (and adults, too!) will go “wild” for this soft and cuddly deluxe wild safari animal hand-puppet set! The friendly elephant, tiger, parrot, giraffe, monkey, and zebra make it easy for children and caregivers to role-play together. An insert in the package is designed to work as a puppet theater. The simple glove puppets help kids and adults act out scenes, practice new vocabulary, and spend quality time playing together. Great for motor skills and self-confidence, too! Made with brightly patterned, washable fabrics and built to last, these soft and sweet glove puppets fit kids and most adults and are sure to be go-to toys for years to come.

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Safari Buddies Hand Puppets

Personalized White Large Bunny

Adorable white stuffed bunny, personalized with their name.

A bunny is not just for Easter, but for the whole year… Little ones will fall in love with our large bunny rabbit stuffed animal, perfect for snuggling, playing and becoming your tiny tot’s best friend! Made with the softest, white fur imaginable and shown in a large size perfect for snuggling, this makes a gorgeous gift that will be treasured for years to come.

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Personalized White Large Bunny

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3 to 7 Year Old Animal Lovers

Melissa & Doug Examine and Treat PetVet Set

Give young animal lovers everything they need to examine and treat pretend pets! This toy was recognized by toy experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute for how it helps kids develop empathy. The 24-piece collection for aspiring veterinarians three and older comes with two adorable plush pets (a dog and a cat), and accessories galore, including a stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, ear scope, tweezers, and clamp. 

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Examine and Treat PetVet Set

Farm Cube Puzzle

Ages 3 +

It’s a cow . . . It’s a sheep . . . It’s a pig . . . It’s all of them and more! This beautifully crafted wooden 16-piece cube puzzle can be put together in multiple ways to create six different scenes with six friendly farm animals (cow, sheep, pig, chicken, ducks, and horse). Rotate the solid cubes in the included wooden tray to complete the colorful pictures. (The border design provides a helpful hint!)

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Farm Cube Puzzle

Disney’s Dug from “Up” – 11″ Golden Retriever

Squirrel! The easily distracted golden retriever will get your attention if you give him a hug. Inspired by Disney and Pixar’s Up, comes this Dug plush complete with special collar so he’ll understand when you tell him how cute he is.

11″ Tall Dug Up Stuffed Golden Retriever – by Disney

Animal Planet Tub of Dinosaurs

Have a dinosaur lover? Let your kiddos bring the animal kingdom to life with the Animal Planet Dino Mega Tub Collation. Featuring realistic figurines of dinosaurs, this playset is a must-have. This pack includes 45 pieces and is a whole lot of fun! The Mega Tub Collation also makes for the perfect gift for your little ones. The reviews are great!

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Smart Farmer Game

Ages 5 +

Keep the animals apart! The animals are making a big mess and need to be separated. The farmer only has 3 simple fences to divide his field into separate meadows. Can you help him place the fences so the horses, cows, sheep and pigs each get their own spaces? Then can you make sure they all have their own water to drink? Featuring 60 challenges, SmartGames Smart Farmer is a great introduction to spatial insight, planning, and problem-solving skills for kids.

Great reviews!

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Disney Face Masks – All Ages, Kids to Adult

Disney is committed to serving the communities where we live and work. During these challenging times, Disney is using the power of our timeless stories and beloved characters to address our guests’ needs for family-friendly reusable cloth face masks.

Disney is donating one million cloth face masks for children and families in underserved and vulnerable communities across the U.S. that will be distributed by MedShare ( Due to overwhelming demand, we’re also thrilled to share that we have reached our goal of raising $1 million in profits from the sales of our cloth face masks, which will be donated to MedShare to support the medical community’s ongoing efforts to provide lifesaving care to those in need.

Disney Face Masks

Big Kid Animal Lovers – 8 +

LEGO Creator Townhouse Pet Shop & Cafe

Kids can enjoy creative play with the LEGO? Creator 3in1 31097 Townhouse Pet Shop and Cafe, featuring a 2-level building with cafe, upper-level kitchen and rooftop terrace, plus a 3-level building with pet shop, apartment and rooftop terrace. This colorful townhouse includes an array of interior details that inspire creative building and comes with brick-built animal toys, including a dog, toucan and mouse.

With Creator 3in1 playsets kids get 3 different builds and play experiences. Build the Townhouse Pet Shop and Cafe and then rebuild it into a multi-story Bank or Market Street with a tram. Includes 3 mini-figures, all ready for downtown adventures. With 3 alternative builds, 3 mini-figures, and dog, toucan, and mouse figures, this 969pc LEGO Creator 3in1 set will keep boys and girls over 9 years old, and fans and big kids of all ages, entertained for hours.

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Planet Board Game

Ages 8 +

A world is taking shape in the palm of your hands. Take on the role of super beings and compete to create perfect worlds with the ideal conditions for wildlife to flourish. In this very unique game, each players board is a 12-sided 3-dimensional planet core. Throughout 12 turns, select landscape tiles representing oceans, deserts, mountains or frozen lands, and arrange them on your planet to create the best ecosystems to win Animal Cards, while fulfilling your own ‘Natural Habitat’ objective and create the most populated planet in the universe!

This game looks amazing. Definitely worth a look.

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Parks Game – Ages 10 +

In PARKS, players will take on the role of two hikers as they trek through different trails across four seasons of the year. While on the trail, these hikers will take action and collect memories of the sites they visit-memories being the resources in the game. Players will trade in these memories to visit National Parks and take photos of their journey. Along their journey, the hikers purchase gear and acquire canteens to make their hikers more efficient, but at the end of the year, it’s the parks they visited and photos they collected that will win the game.

Reviews are fantastic! Check it out!

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Wrapping Up

I hope you found the perfect gift for your animal lover. Thank you for visiting today!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please leave them in the Comments section below! Id’ love to hear from you. Thank you.

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  1. I am not a grandparent yet, not even a parent for now. But I have nieces and nephews so I’m often in the market for kids’ gifts. These are really interesting and nice gifts for kids who love animals. They look fun, engaging and can also be educating as kids would try to identify each animal by their name and sound. Well done for sharing these lovely gift ideas.

  2. Another well done article Paula. I knew I’d like it. Some of those, especially the Lego, makes me wish I was a kid again. Thanks for informing me of this one. I’ll keep it in mind for those I know that have kids or grand kids:)

  3. I really like your site with a wide range of toys for children of all ages. It’s nice to make the little ones happy with some of your gifts and you really have a lot and I can find something nice for my child and put a smile on his face. Some adults might even love plush toys and not just children.


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