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It’s a whole new world for kids and schools in 2020. Many kids will be learning from home and need online learning electronics to help them connect to either their local school or other online learning resources. Tablets, laptops, or even a desktop computer will help make it a lot easier for the kids, and their mom and dad.

There are some great deals out there too. These will help open up their horizons and access the communication of the future. If you’re in a position to help, here are some great options that won’t break the bank.

Grab them before they are gone. Electronics for school are selling like hotcakes.

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Tablets for Kids and Teens

Tablets are the best bang for the buck, giving online access (with internet service or wi-fi). Get them started connecting to school or other online resources. And they can get some entertainment giggles with these tablets too. Under $100? I’m in.

Laptops for Kids and Teens

If they need a camera to participate in school, these will fill the bill. Low payment financing is available if you want the best for your grandchild. And they can work for the entire family’s computing needs.

Laptops are more like a bigger desktop PC but are more portable and typically come with a built-in camera and microphone. Don’t let the smaller size fool you. They can be just as powerful as a desktop. I like these models:

notebook inspiron 2 in 1 5591 15 pdp gallery
Inspiron 15 5000 2-in-1 Laptop
dell laser wired mouse gray ms3220 details hero 500 ng

I included a mouse since it’s a lot easier to work with than the touchpad on laptops.

lenovo subseries ideapad flex 5 14 hero image
IdeaPad – They’ll love it!


If it makes sense, maybe an all-in-one system is the way to go.

These are all-in-one computers with everything a family needs to start working and schooling. 🙂 Just add a printer if you want or need one.

lenovo monitor ideacentre aio 3 24 intel subseries hero
All In One Desktop

Keyboard and mouse are included above. 🙂

lenovo monitor ideacentre aio 3 21.5 intel subseries hero
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Other Electronics – Smartwatch, Activity Tracker, Headphones

There are some other cool tools for kids that will help them stay active and keep them connected without affecting the entire family. The Garmin fitness tracker is great looking and tracks their activity, encouraging movement and outdoor activity when they can. After all, it’s healthy to stay active, especially while in learning mode. It keeps the brain alert and helps physical well-being.

6305527 sd

A headset can help avoid distractions and also keep the family from having to share in their classroom. Best Buy has some really cute headsets for kids. Over the ear is safer on the sensitive ears of children (or anyone). They have less risk of hearing loss while enjoying high quality sound. Great for interacting with teachers and other kids.

6211305 rd

Smartwatches are great for kids. I love the Vtech brand. They last through even the roughest play. 🙂 This Vtech smartwatch includes these features:

Touch-sensitive LCD screen

Control the smartwatch straight from the display.

Motion sensor

Allows the smartwatch to use apps that rely on detecting motion.

Rear-facing and front-facing cameras

Quickly take photos and video from both the front and the back.


Speak into the smartwatch to utilize apps that requires sound.

USB 2.0 connectivity

Lets you transfer data rapidly and recharge it through a standardized connection.

6048404 sd


Now you know some actually affordable ways to help your grandchildren keep learning, no matter if it’s at home or school, or both. Mom and Dad will be grateful and your grandchild will adore you. Again.

If you have any questions, comments or have your own experience to add, please share through the Comments section below. Your privacy is protected.

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  1. It is always a challenge to find presents for your kids, grandkids, or your nephews or niece. What´s better than helping with education and knowledge. There are some good tips on what to consider. The tablets and laptops are good gift ideas, but what I really liked was that you also covered smartwatches with fitness tracking. I think that would provide for a great gift, and as you nicely highlighted, it stimulating the need for activity in a fun way.


  2. Thanks for highlighting this list. Now more than ever our kids need these electronics for online learning because of the current situation. Personally I prefer buying a laptop as opposed to kids’ tablets. I find kids’ tablets not be strong enough and they get spoilt very easily. I have also heard this complaint from some of my friends, so yeah I would go for laptops or desktops.


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