Healthy Alternatives to Soda Pop

Ever think about lower sugar and healthier drink options for your grandkids? Do you cringe when you see them drinking enamel-stripping soda loaded with sugar? I have. There are healthy alternatives to soda pop. I found one that has the fizz they love but low or no sugar added and I want to share it with you.

Not only does soda have acids that erode away tooth enamel, but it also has lots of sugar that doesn’t help either. And eating too much sugar can go into diabetes and other health problems. Well and there’s the plastic bottles and cans that litter our streets and landfills. You can help your family preserve their health and the earth at the same time.

Most of us think of fruit juice as an alternative to soda pop, but believe it or not, fruit juice is loaded with sugar too, and citric acid in some cases. Not to mention the added sugar that a lot of juices contain. It’s a good option, but not for extended periods of time. I know if I drink too much citrus-y juice it affects my stomach with all the citric acid.

Water is the best thing to drink but it’s hard to get kids to drink enough if they are used to highly flavored drinks.

Here is a great and affordable solution:


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It just takes water (and whatever flavorings you want to add) and turns it into a fizzy drink they’ll love. There are multiple flavorings available on their website you can add to it, including cola flavors! You could even mix and match the flavors to get exactly what appeals to the kids or adults.

Great Kits To Get Started Right Away

SodaStream has a few models to choose from. Shown above is the basic system: Fizzi Classic. Comparable to the Fizzi Classic is the One Touch. And then there is the Aqua Fizz, a cordless option.

The difference between the Fizzi Classic and One Touch is you hold the carbonation button for the amount of carbonation you want with the Fizzi Classic. The One Touch has 3 carbonation settings to choose from so you can set it and fill your bottle.

With all of the models, you can get a starter kit or hydration pack to get started. The Fizzi Classic starter kit is under $100 US and comes with:

Starter Kit

  • Sparkling water maker
  • Carbonating cylinder
  • 1L bottle
  • Free shipping
  • 3-year warranty

The Hydration Pack includes some extra bottles and lemon fruit drops:

Hydration Pack

  • Sparkling water maker
  • Carbonating cylinder
  • 1L bottle x3
  • 0.5 liter bottles x2
  • Lemon Fruit Drops
  • Free shipping
  • 3-year warranty

Make 60L of fresh sparkling water without leaving your home!

And you can always buy additional ‘fashion’ bottles to suit your or their style and replenish the Co2 bottles from their site or convenient retail locations near you or the kids. Don’t forget the flavorings, making it easy to get started.

Over 40 million happy streamers

I’m going to try adding food flavorings, like Blueberry flavor, like you would use to make hard candy. And just think, you can even add a bit of fruit to the glass as in the video.

What an interesting and healthy way to add some excitement to the grandkids’ (and their Mom and Dad’s) daily water intake.

This is a Great gift idea for the holidays for the whole family.

You can go right to SodaStream with the link below and get the full story and pricing. Don’t forget to add flavors. The kits allow them to make 60L of fresh sparkling water without leaving home!

Shop SodaStream Sparkling Water Makers today and receive free standard ground shippingshow?id=bVpX2icIg9g&bids=558676

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Wrapping Up

This is such a wonderfully healthy option to all the soda pop that kids tend to drink these days. Check it out and get one for your grandkids and family.

I hope you found this a great gift idea for your grandchildren (and your kids) for the holidays or other special day of the year. Or maybe just because! Thanks so much for reading today. If you have any comments, questions, or experience with SodaStream, please leave them in the Comments section below.

P.S. You can get additional flavors, kits and Co2 cartridges at Best Buy too:

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  1. Hello Paula, 

    After seeing the article I had to research further and the results that I got made me appreciate this article better. Getting an alternative for soda pop is a great option and I haven’t seen anything like this before now. With such a wonderful invention, everyone stands a chance to live better and healthier. Cheers

  2. I used to have a SodaStream as a kid and used to love it! I am reading your article guiltily sipping a can of soda pop and thinking that I need to make some better drink selections. The thing I like about SodaStream is that you are completely in control of what you put in the drinks, so you can be sure there are not high levels of sugar or unhealthy food colourings. Thank you for the inspiration!


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